Claire Mueller, creator of ACID.FLWRS, portrait shot by Yasmin Mund
 CM shot by Yasmin Mund



ACID.FLWRS is a fine art floral studio based in Sydney, Australia, creating flowers from your wildest dreams.


Developed in 2020 through a cross-disciplinary creative experiment fusing floral modification and graffiti art, ACID.FLWRS launched in 2021 with the original Acid Phalaenopsis. Fresh cut flowers are transformed with hypercoloured patterns, bringing a fresh perspective to classical forms through a process based on a historical printmaking technique. Each AF stem is individually coloured with a bit of science and a bit of magic, becoming a piece of ephemeral art.


Beyond social-media-friendly flowers, ACID.FLWRS inspires viewers to challenge expectation and see the world through a different lens, rippling between classical and futuristic, natural and chemical, real and surreal. At a time where our reality is evolving rapidly, AF encourages the ability to shift perspectives, react to the unexpected and see a brighter future.


AF exists to shift perspectives, spark innovation and make it brighter.


With a unique aesthetic, ACID.FLWRS engages in projects including installations, brand collaborations, events, custom gifting and product development. Please get in touch to discuss.



ACID.FLWRS sparked from a creative studio experiment between a stylist (CM) and a graffiti artist (RJ), and has evolved into a standalone brand run by Claire Mueller. Developed in 2020 // Launched in 2021


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