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FutureMarble™ Slab - Mini - Pink-01

FutureMarble™ Slab - Mini - Pink-01

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Dug from the ruins of 2184 // a relic from a digital age //

Obsessed with the rapidly evolving digital landscape and the meaning imbibed in aesthetic styles, ACID.FLWRS has created FutureMarble, a signature surface treatment for imagined artefacts of a post-metaverse world.

Inspired by marble, a material idolised in both classical and contemporary taste, FutureMarblere-interprets stone patterning in glitched neon. As if sliced from fossilised data these mini slabs each have a unique, unrepeatable surface.

Hang on an unexpected wall to add a shot of brightness or layer next to a larger work to create colour resonance.



Artist-grade wooden slab //

Unique custom surface //

Resin capped //

250 x 200 x 20mm //

Supplied ready to hang.

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