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OTHERWORLDLY : AF x DaveHoldsFlowers Fine Art Print

OTHERWORLDLY : AF x DaveHoldsFlowers Fine Art Print

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Presenting the first ACID.FLWRS non-ephemeral art, a limited edition fine art print release.

This image was born from a collaboration between AF founder Claire Mueller and Sydney florist David Hirst, developing organically in stages as we shared the evolution of work back and forth.

AF Anthuriums inspired this incredible floral sculpture, which in turn inspired an otherworldly photographic treatment. The colour wash is entirely created in camera (hashtag nofilter), enhancing the surreal beauty of the unique flowers.


Shot by Claire Mueller

Floral arrangement by David Hirst


Giclée print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308gsm // archival quality

5mm handling border

Limited edition of 10 total across all sizes //  Signed & numbered by ACID.FLWRS

Available in standard formats to frame with ease. Larger sizes on request.

Printed on demand in Sydney, please allow ~2-3 weeks for delivery

Prints will be rolled for delivery

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